Monday, December 26, 2011


This Christmas has definitely been the best by far. Annabelle and Jillian really got into it this year and we had a great weekend. Christmas Eve, I made my first "big" meal (something equivalent to Thanksgiving dinner, though perhaps not quite as fancy). I was so happy with how everything turned out. It was delicious.

Christmas morning, Annabelle was so excited to see that Santa ate all the goodies she left out for him and we enjoyed opening presents together. Sorry for all of the pictures, but it was a big day. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Jillian counts!

We've been playing a lot of hide and seek lately. Jillian now understands how to play and she and Annabelle love the game. Because of this, Jillian has learned to count to 20. Well, sort of. She can count to 12 by herself (although she does skip 9), then she'll jump from 12 to 18, 19, 2o. It's really cute to hear her.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Christmas Piano Recital

There is almost nothing better than seeing people you care about succeed. Last week, I had a piano recital for my students and I was so proud of all that they've accomplished. It is so rewarding and fulfilling for me to see them progress and become more confident with their growing talent. I love getting to know their different personalities. They are each so special and unique and I feel so privileged to be apart of their lives. Though three of my students were unable to attend the recital, it was an exceptional evening and everyone did awesome. I couldn't have been happier with the performances. Good job, kids!Thus far, every recital I've had has been at a different location. It's been difficult to find a place to have a recital that will accommodate the number of students I have and their families. Thankfully, the public library recently expanded and built a large community room that includes a brand new baby grand piano. I was so excited when I learned about it. It is large enough for my recitals, has an awesome piano, kitchen, chairs, etc. It was perfect. Here are my lovely helpers.Here was my contribution to the recital. Merry Christmas!

This is the dessert table (before most families showed up with their treats) and table of gifts from me to my students.

Photo shoot with Dad

After I put the kids to bed tonight, I uploaded pictures from the camera to use for my blog and I found a few I was not expecting. Apparently while I was out running an errand tonight, Michael had a little photo shoot with the girls. This rarely happens where he gets time with them and everyone (meaning Jillian) is happy. Also, please note the background of these pictures. Michael and I got each other for Christmas a new bed set, including sheets (microfiber sheets are the BEST), comforter, decorative pillows, etc. Who knew that just adding new bedding would change the look of a room?

Cute Christmas Pictures

Annabelle and Jillian have looked so cute with their Christmas dresses on the last few weeks, I just had to take pictures.
And look, Jillian's very first french braid! Her hair's been long enough for braids for months, but she's never sat still long enough for me to do it. It doesn't look great, but with time and practice, she'll learn to hold still long enough to make it look pretty good. (She's reading a Dora the explorer book- that's the only reason I got one done. What would we do with Dora?)

Sleigh Ride

Last weekend, the girls and I went to a fun, little Christmas Festival, where we got to meet Santa (again), have gourmet hot chocolate, and most important, go for a sleigh ride. It was pretty cold outside, but they didn't care about standing in a line for the horse ride. They weren't, however, as excited to meet Santa as they were the first time a few weeks ago. That part aside, we had a pretty fun time.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Quality time with Dad

Due to Michael's job and church calling, he is not home very often and it is not uncommon for him to get home after the kids have gone to bed. Last week, I had a church meeting that I was in charge of and Michael got to have dinner with the kids and put them to bed. In order to make the most of his time with the girls, Michael bought ingredients to make some yummy dessert with them while a pizza cooked in the oven. They made worms in dirt (chocolate pudding with gummy worms in it). I think they all had fun and it makes me happy to see them together. Even Jillian, who is attached at my hip, seemed to enjoy Daddy time (after a very sad goodbye to me). And Michael got some cute pictures of their activity. Thanks Michael.

Random videos and pictures from Thanksgiving and other stuff

Since I haven't posted in a while, I just decided to upload some videos and you can watch them if you choose.

Weekend with family

Last weekend, we traveled to Utah for some family events. It was so fun to see my parents and brother, both of whom live too far away for me to see very often. I wish my other siblings and their spouses and kids could have come, but I was glad that some of them were able to fly over here. Saturday night, I watched one of the greatest shows on earth- Christmas Around the World, starring my very own younger sister and the BYU International Folk Dance Team. The team performed dances from countries around the world. It was absolutely amazing! I am so proud of my sister and can't believe how talented she is. I plan on attending the show every year while she is in it. You go, Amber! Sunday, my older brother blessed his daughter. It was such a sweet experience. I am so grateful for the wonderful and strong family I was raised in. To see my siblings starting their own families is such a blessing. And of course, I am grateful for my family. I have such a supportive, loving husband and 2 healthy, smart, and energetic children. I don't think I could ask for much more this Christmas. Annabelle and Jillian were obsessed with Katieanne, my brother's baby. It was so cute to see them interact with her. It's just a preview of what is to come in March, I guess. Jillian also loved playing on the blowup mattress.


Last night, we attended a Christmas dinner party. I'll admit that my reason for being so excited about going was I didn't have to cook the food. Lately (I'll blame it on the pregnancy), I haven't been motivated at all to make dinner every night, even though the kids and I are starving. So, I was really looking forward to it, and I was not disappointed. The food was excellent (pulled pork), the kids were relatively well behaved, and Santa came to visit.

In the past, Annabelle has been too scared to sit on Santa's lap. This year, she's been really anxious to meet him and tell him what she wants for Christmas. Jillian, on the other hand, is so attached and clingy to me, I knew there was no way I could get a picture of her sitting on Santa's lap. To my astonishment, Jillian walked right up to him and sat in his lap and was happy to do so. The fact that Santa was holding a present for Jillian may have had something to do with that. But I was able to get a really cute picture of each of the girls on Santa's lap. Some of the other kids opened their presents right away and of course, Annabelle and Jillian couldn't be left out. Jillian got a little phone and Annabelle got a drawing kit. We didn't take the gifts out of their package, just unwrapped the wrapping paper. When we got home, Annabelle asked if we could rewrap the presents and put them under the tree so there would be more presents to open on Christmas. So, we did.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First snow of the year

We had our first snowfall of the year. Of course, Annabelle was rearing to play outside, so we got wrapped up and had a blast, although we didn't last for too long because it was so cold.