Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going gray in my mid 20's

If the next time you see me I have gray hair, here's why:
Yes, that's my piano on the back of that trailer. I'm having a piano recital for my students tomorrow night. That in itself would be stressful enough to make me go gray if you add to it that the following morning, I'm driving by myself with the kids to Utah for just over a week and am trying to clean the house and pack in addition to preparing for the recital.

All that I can handle if those are the only things going on. But here's the thing. My house isn't big enough to have a recital for 10 students and their families, but Michael's office is absolutely perfect. There is a huge conference room that offers enough room for everyone, plus it's just a gorgeous office. The only problem is there's no piano at the office. So what's the solution? Transport my piano to the office of course. Wait, transport what?! Now hold on. If anything happens to my piano, I would have a serious meltdown, and I don't have meltdowns.
We were very fortunate to have a few guys offer to help move it to the office and back, and another guy offered us the use of his trailer. So moving it should be no big deal, right? Well now add a few negative factors to the equation. The trailer is not covered, which wouldn't be a problem except that it was raining last night at the appointed moving time.

From the time they left my house to Michael's return was pure agony for me. I kept waiting for the phone call from Michael saying the piano had come off the back of the trailer while they were driving or something. In the end, all went as well as could be expected. The piano is now waiting in the conference room unscathed (or at least that's what Michael told me). Now I don't have to worry again until it's time to move it back home.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Festival

It's been forever since I blogged. How is it that to me it seems like only one day has passed, but in truth it's been like a week. Our family has been so busy in the last few weeks and it's only going to continue.

Last weekend, I had six of my students participate in a music festival. For the past almost two months, they have been working so hard on memorizing two pieces and learning difficult scales and theory. I know they are all relieved that it's over, and I must admit, I am as well. My students all did so well too. They scored between a 97 and 99 (out of a possible 100 points). All ten of my students will be be playing in a recital this Friday night. I love seeing all of them together and hearing them perform.

Friday night, Michael and I went bowling with a few other couples. I am a terrible bowler, but I still really enjoy it. In the past, my bowling scores usually range anywhere from 50 to 70. That night, however, I bowled an 81! I was so excited. But the real highlight of the night was watching Michael bowl. He's an okay bowler, who usually gets a decent score. This time, he was on fire. He came out swinging, bowling a strike for the first two frames followed by a spare. During the entire ten frames, he bowled six strikes and three spares, giving him a score of 168. It was awesome to see him doing so well. And of course, being the gentleman that he is, he downplayed his score and praised my 81 points. What a great guy I married.