Sunday, October 28, 2012

Costume no. 1

This year, I am hand making each of the girls their own Halloween costume. Annabelle is going to be a mermaid, Jillian a peacock, and Sarah an octopus. Since I do not have a sewing machine and I'm making up my own patterns for each as I go along, it has been quite an undertaking. I'm still not finished with the mermaid costume, but should be by the 31st.

There was a local Halloween "party" that we decided to go to yesterday. Since Annabelle's costume isn't finished yet and I didn't want Jillian to wear hers in case it got ripped, they each picked out an outfit from the many dress ups they have to serve as their temporary Halloween costume.

I didn't get Sarah dressed up since the party was outside and she would just be all bundled up in the stroller, but here's a sneak peak at her octopus costume. 

We got there a little later than planned and because of this missed out on the face painting and gator walk (I'm not sure what that even is). But we did get to go for a hay ride and have apple cider and donuts.

First snowfall of the season

We had our first snowfall the other day and boy, it was a lot. Fortunately, it looks like we're going to have some nice weather the next few days and hopefully the snow will melt and give us a nice Halloween day.

As soon as Annabelle got home from school on the day that it snowed, she and Jillian were begging to go outside and play. I pulled their snow stuff out of the closet and got them all bundled up. I even put Sarah in her snowsuit, although she and I only lasted about 5 minutes outside before I had to go in and put her down for a nap. Annabelle and Jillian had a blast. And everyday since, they've spent several hours outside playing outside in the snow.


In this video, the girls didn't know I was filming them and I caught Annabelle getting a taste of the snow.

Halloween pajamas

My mom sent some cute Halloween pajamas for all the kids. The sizes were a little off, but that's because I have odd sized children. Although Annabelle is only 5, she's so tall that she needs larger sizes. Jillian is so small that she can still wear some of her 18 month clothes even though she is almost 3. All that aside, they looked so cute in their Halloween pajamas. Annabelle and Jillian love "being twins". Thanks, Grandma Heidi.

Cute pictures

Sarah has such a cute smile.

                                                         Jillian loves her cupcake.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wrestle or read a book?

The other night as I was getting the girls ready for bed, we saw that Michael was lying a little too comfortably on our bed and felt like he might need some intervention. The next 15 minutes consisted of Annabelle and Jillian climbing all over Michael and his throwing them off. When I decided it was time to calm down a read their bedtime story, they didn't want to stop wrestling. So, I told them they needed to choose: they could either keep wrestling with Michael for a few minutes or have me read them a book. They chose wrestling (who's surprised here).

Of course, as expected, when the timer went off signaling the end of wrestling, both girls got quite upset when they asked for a book and I said no. I thoroughly explained to them that they would not get a book if they kept wrestling, knowing full well that they would still expect a bedtime story. It's okay though. I made it up to them by reading them each two stories the following night.