Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My new neice

Yea! My sister-in-law finally had her baby. Katianne was born Monday afternoon, just over 8 lbs. I'm so excited for my brother to be a dad. He and my sister-in-law are going to be great parents. Congratulations!


As promised, here are some awesome pictures from Utah. I'm so grateful I got to see my parents. Here is a group picture that includes my amazing sister. She is on the highest team of the International Folk Dancers at BYU. In this picture, she is wearing her costume for her India dance. And in the following picture, my mom is sporting my sister's nose ring from her costume.

Eating some yummy pizza before game time.
In the pizza place, there was this guy walking around, offering to make balloon shapes. Annabelle requested a princess and this is what she got. Isn't that amazing? This guy was making all sorts of crazy things our of balloons. I wish I would have asked for Cosmo (BYU's cougar mascot). I saw him make one for someone else and it was absolutely amazing.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silly kids

The other night, Michael was watching the kids as I had a meeting to go to. During the course of the evening, the following events and pictures took place.

Obviously, Annabelle is potty trained and has been since before Jillian was born. Annabelle has a habit of leaving the door open when she uses the bathroom and Jillian likes to come in and keep her company. On this particular night, Annabelle went to the bathroom and when she was done, Jillian pulled Michael into the bathroom, pointed to the toilet, and said, "potty". Michael asked if she wanted to sit on the potty and Jillian eagerly nodded yes as she began trying to pull her pants down. She had such a blast just sitting on it, Michael had to bribe her to get down by letting her flush the toilet all by herself. Unfortunately, she didn't actually do anything in the toilet, but maybe she'll be an early potty trained girl. That would be nice. Here's the picture.Later as he was putting Annabelle to bed, Michael found an inflated balloon that had once been in the shape of a mouse, but lost most of its shape. Anyway, he did a little tweaking with it and made it so he could wear it on his head. He showed Annabelle and told her he was from the future, at which point Annabelle called him "Future Dad". Now every time he wears it for fun, she calls him that, but then asks him to take it off because she doesn't like it very much.

Family visit

We have officially hit Fall. It came about 3 weeks ago without any warning and the coats and sweaters have been pulled out of storage. I can't be too upset though because I absolutely love this time of year. The cool weather, change of the color of the leaves, and images of hot chocolate and caramel apples makes me happy, not to mention my favorite holidays are the last three months of the year.

We spent the weekend in Utah, visiting my family. My parents are from So. IL and I don't get to see them very often, but they were in Utah so we had to make the trip. It was a fun-filled trip. We saw my sister participate in a dancing event. Her Irish hard shoe was absolutely amazing (along with everything else she performed)! Saturday, we saw my brother's frisbee game and prepared for the big rivalry football game. We were all matching in our BYU shirts. I love spending time with my family! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with my most of the time, so there will be more pictures to come. Meanwhile, we were all anxiously awaiting my oldest brother's wife to have her baby. I had hoped that she would have been born before we got there, but now we'll just have to wait to see her when we go back to Utah in a couple weeks.