Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sarah is 1!

Sarah had a birthday at the beginning of March. I can't believe that she's a year old. She has been such a joy, and my best sleeper thus far. I remember being completely shocked when she started sleeping through the night, not waking up to eat, at 8 weeks old. Although she still won't let anyone else hold her, she's becoming more daring and likes to go off and explore things. She's not yet walking, but pulls herself to a standing position on everything and can stand for a few seconds on her own. (She's not a huge fan of this so it's really rare to get her to do it.)

She has some of the craziest hair. It's really long in the front and she can wake up with some of the funniest hairdos I've ever seen. Here are some pictures.

Although Michael and I were not here to celebrate her birthday (Michael had to go to Las Vegas for work and I decided to join him), she and her sisters had a great time hanging out with Michael's parents who came to our house to stay with the girls. Happy birthday, Sarah!

Here are lot of videos of what Sarah's been up to.


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