Sunday, January 27, 2013

Annabelle's Snowman

Annabelle's friend came over yesterday and they decided to build a snowman. Annabelle and I have tried building snowmen in the past, but they never really ever turned out well. Perhaps that's because I grew up in a place where we didn't get much snow and so I never learned good snowman-building skills. So I was skeptical that these little kids would make anything that resembled a snowman. But boy, was I wrong. They spent hours rolling snow around to make the different parts of the body the exact size they wanted. Once they had the second layer ready to lift onto the bottom layer, they immediately realized it was way to heavy for them. Annabelle opened the door to the house and asked if Michael could help them.

Michael was not in the least bit dressed to go out in the snow, but did that stop superdad? Heck, NO! He slipped on the first pair of shoes he could find (his church shoes) and went immediately outside in his basket ball shorts, light jacket and no socks and he helped shape that snowman a little more, then lifted it on top of the bottom layer.

By the time the kids were ready to come inside, they had a pretty darn good snowman. Way to go, girls! Please note the different sized eyes. They used a racquetball for one eye and a tennis ball for the other eye. They're going for a more modern, creative look.

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